Hello I’m Ariane Burgess, creator of The Labyrinth for Contemplation in New York City’s Battery Park and founder of Regenerative Living and Leading. That’s me enjoying a walk in The Labyrinth for Contemplation.

During my sixteen years of working and playing with labyrinths I have continuously witnessed their power to create balance, healing and transformation in people’s lives. Walking a labyrinth can provide you with insight into challenges you are facing, inspiration for a creative project or simply give you a place to regain your sense of inner peace. Labyrinths truly are powerful tools for personal and community regeneration.

Having seen the positive impacts labyrinths have had in many people’s lives I am keen to support the creation of even more labyrinths, especially in public settings.

If you are new to labyrinths you can have an immediate experience by downloading and printing the Be Present Labyrinth and ‘walking’ it with your finger.

When choosing to bring a labyrinth into your life or your community there are a range of aspects to consider and skills required. To support you in your process, drawing from my years of experience designing and installing labyrinths I put together two programs Make Your Own Labyrinth and Sharing the Labyrinth Experience. Each program is designed for you to start when you want and go through at your own pace.

Battery Park Labyrinth

In Make Your Own Labyrinth I walk you step-by-step through the process of making a labyrinth, this could be for your garden or in your community. I give you valuable information that can help you have an even more successful project.

In Sharing the Labyrinth Experience I take you through all the elements to consider to confidently design a labyrinth experience for your participants.

In 2008 I collaborated with school teacher Roberta Nelson and twenty-eight fourth-grade students at PS99 in Queens, New York. Together we created the Climate Change Labyrinth. The curriculum we created is available for other school and community groups interested in learning more about climate change in a creative, fun and thought provoking way.

As a labyrinth designer I am currently engaged in creating Regenerative Community Labyrinths. These labyrinths bring together multiple community groups from the same area in a common aim – to co-create a pathway for peace in a public setting. The labyrinth making process provides an opportunity for participants to grow in trust and develop more open communication. The collaboration results in a neighborhood pathway for peace that can be walked by everyone.

If you are interested in receiving one of the programs or working with me, contact me at ariane at